Happy Mother’s Day 2014!

Will : May 1, 2014 1:24 pm : Exciting News From Toydle

happy_mothers_dayEach month we’ll be bringing you a creative tip on how to rekindle that imagination, act more like a “kid”, and explore that inner fun that oftentimes gets overlooked as a parent or grandparent. This month, in particular, we wanted to take the opportunity to spend some quality time thinking about the women in our lives! Since Mother’s Day is this month, we thought it would be great to add a small tip this month to put MOM on the top of the list.

See in many families, MOM is taken a bit for granted. We don’t know about your household, but moms usually take much of the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping the whole family together – and not because we intend to, but frequently we take for granted all of the wonderful things they do for us day in and day out. That’s why it’s awfully important to be reminded each year of of their significance in our lives. But we challenge you to do more – and to be reminded of their significance much more frequently than the May celebration.

This month, we simply challenge you to be reminded of the importance of our MOMs, and to go above and beyond this Mother’s Day. That doesn’t mean to go out and spend a ton of money. But spend more time this year thinking of how you can really express gratitude. Make it something more unique than the typical breakfast in bed or flowers. Make it something personal and intimate that expresses just how deeply you know her.

And from all of us at Toydle – we want to say Thank You to all of the Mothers out there and we want to let you know just how valued you are and important you are to us!

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Things to do in a Blanket Fort

Will : April 29, 2014 12:59 pm : Exciting News From Toydle

PANELED COLOSSAL KIT!!!Looking for something fun to do with the kids on a rain filled weekend? Maybe it’s time to pull out your Toydle fort and build a blanket fort! There are all sorts of fun things to do inside of a Toydle fort. Because our forts are so huge, both kids and parents can fit in without breaking your back! And with a huge fort, activities are endless. For example, you can:

  • Play a board game inside your giant fort
  • Have a tea party with the girls inside your castle fort
  • Or even share the world’s best nerf gun battle with our covered panels!

Regardless of what you do inside your Toydle fort, we hope that the best part of the entire experience is building! We made our forts to be giant and indestructible so that you can truly experience the simple fun of building a fort.

What are you going to do with your Toydle fort today?

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Toydle Prepares for the 2013 Holiday Season!

Will : October 29, 2013 10:35 am : Exciting News From Toydle

Just in time for the holidays, we wanted to offer a sneak peak into the Toydle production facilities in Boise, Idaho. Check out some of the videos below to see just how the Toydle forts are produced by our hard working staff in the USA!


See Some of Our New Equipment


Watch Quality Craftsmanship in Action


Proof that Everything is Made in the USA – Including our Bags!


Even the Kids Get Involved in Toydle Production!


Even the Kids Get Involved in Toydle Production

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Rekindle Your Childhood Imagination

Will : September 25, 2013 11:38 am : Exciting News From Toydle, Idea of the Month

Each month, we’ll be bringing you a small tip on how to have more FUN with your children. It’s such an important part of parenting that oftentimes gets lost. And it doesn’t get lost because you mean to avoid it, but our lives have become so busy. So it’s important to take a step back and just have fun with your children. Here’s our first, Tip of the Month! Enjoy!

Army Men
Play with your kids through the lens of imagination!
This past Sunday night my 10 year old boy suggested that we shoot army men with “bb guns”. My first inclination was to say “no”. Why ruin his toys? Then I realized the army men were only a dollar for the whole bag. Then I realized something deeper…

To him, shooting the army men was a great adventure. We were not simply shooting targets, we were heroes in a great war against evil forces. In his mind every army man shot down was a victory for good, not just a target.

It may take some serious effort, but try as best as you can to rekindle some of your childhood imagination. It will not only help you understand where your children are coming from, but it will also help you unwind a bit and have a little fun!

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Soap Carving

Will : May 15, 2013 11:48 am : Exciting News From Toydle

Check out how much fun you can have with a $2 bar of soap.

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Beat The Winter Blues Toydle Giveaway Winner

Will : March 3, 2013 8:21 pm : Exciting News From Toydle

We’re pleased to announce that Wendy and her three boys are the winners of the Toydle Winter Blues giveaway. They won a Huge Toydle Fort, and have been so kind as to send us some of the pictures from their initial Toydle adventures. Congratulations!

Toydle Giveaway Winner

Toydle Giveaway Winner 2


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Giveaway – Beat the Winter Blues with a Free Toydle Fort

Will : February 4, 2013 4:25 pm : Exciting News From Toydle

The Huge Fort
Been stuck inside this winter with your kids? Don’t pull all of your hair out just yet! Get the hottest new indoor toy – the Toydle fort! Toydle makes indoor play time fun. Build a huge Toydle fort and watch your children’s imagination run wild. Toydle forts are unmatched in strength, size and durability. All forts are made in the USA, come with a lifetime guarantee, and are the biggest indoor forts you’ll ever find!

The Huge Fort

But wait, Toydle forts aren’t just for the boys. Decorated with colorful sheets, your little princesses can build their own castles and invite their friends over for an indoor slumber party. And to help you beat the winter blues, we’re giving away one free Toydle Huge Fort, worth $149. Shipping to your address will be included, so you can sit back, relax, and let your kids start building. You have until Sunday to enter for a chance to win. Enter Now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Children’s Forts

Will : January 3, 2013 11:41 am : Exciting News From Toydle

Building a children’s fort has many benefits:

  1. Rainy-Day Distractions
  2. Build Creative Skills
  3. Build Analytic Skills

When children build forts they use blankets, comforters, boxes and channel their inner hunter-gatherers.  While building a children’s fort is a wonderful indoor activity during those rainy days, it is also a way to engage your children in learning creativity.  Decorating their favorite children’s forts in blankets, with their favorite stuffed animals, and maybe even the family dog, encourages individual creative design and allows the children to have unstructured fun for hours upon hours.

Children’s fort design comes in all shapes and sizes.  Whether making a small fort, or building a much larger fort, there are several options for your children.  Our children like to build their forts in the playroom and pretend they are police officers.  One of my son’s friends’, who also happens to be a girl, enjoyed decorating the fort in pink and purples, using sticky letters to put her name on the fort.  We served cupcakes, and chocolate covered marshmallows and had a camp out party.

Our children’s fort has been used in many ways.  Whether the kids build the fort over the table, or on their bed, they are always having fun using their imagination and seeing what they can come up with next.  Building a children’s fort is fun, is creative and don’t tell the kids, but adults like to play in them too.  Kind of reminds us of childhood and brings back memories of when we had unstructured, uninhibited fun!

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Living Room Fort

Will : January 1, 2013 9:07 am : Exciting News From Toydle

Want to live out that childhood fantasy with your children? Building a Living Room Fort is both creative and fun!

I loved building forts as a kid.  When it was raining outside I would grab my blankets, pillows, and some chairs and let my creative juices flow.  A living room fort was part of being a child.   I remember pretending to be a princess with my friends inside our living room fort.  My sister and I would scrounge through the house looking for any and everything that we could use to build a larger fort.

Are your kids watching too much TV?

In the age of increased television watching, our children are not engaging in as many creative and physical activities.  When it’s cold outside, they run for the covers and a movie.  I have found that building forts again with my children has encouraged them to get off the couch and use their imagination.  They love to build their forts in the living room.

Why Build a Living Room Fort with your kids?

This is a great way to engage your children in imaginative play, especially on extremely hot or rainy days.   Build your living room fort with your children.  After you build with them, stand back and enjoy what you have created.  Then, Get inside!  Playing with your children is such a great experience. Play is important for your child’s social, physical, and cognitive growth.

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Best Fort Building Toy

Will : December 10, 2012 9:23 am : Exciting News From Toydle

Childcare professionals have said that there are many benefits of buying building toys for children. Building toys are considered to be the most beneficial, educational toys that enhance “gross” and “fine” motor skills. Building toys allow children to be imaginative and toydle is the best fort building toy around.

Toydle is the Best Fort Building Toy

Not only do toydle forts encourage imaginative play, but they are also stronger and more versatile than other forts on the market. We tested many competitors’ forts and the Toydle forts withstood them all. They didn’t bend, they didn’t break and there are an infinite number of building options.

Why Build a Toydle?

Toydle’s can be built individually, or within a group. We have heard from many clients that are hosting toydle parties. When children design structures with other individuals, parents and their peers, they often have better social skills than children who do not engage in this process.

We guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience with our forts. What makes toydle the Best fort building toy? We are American made, strong and safe. There are endless opportunities, and all toydle purchases come with a Life-time guarantee.

When you buy a Toydle, you will help foster creativity, social skills and imaginations within your children. You might have a hard time not crawling into the Toydle with your children and grandchildren. It’s our secret if you decide to build one for yourself….We won’t tell!

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