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Language Building Fort Activities

The work of childhood is play. As an adult, you probably don't think of "play" as "work," but for your child they are one and the same. Play provides your children opportunities to use their brains, bodies, [...]

Unexpected toy fort occupants

Goofy pets. They couldn't wait for the fort blankets to go on, the panels around the side to get clipped in place, and for everyone to stop moving around inside the fort. Once the "Toy [...]

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Beat The Winter Blues Toydle Giveaway Winner

We're pleased to announce that Wendy and her three boys are the winners of the Toydle Winter Blues giveaway. They won a Huge Toydle Fort, and have been so kind as to send us some [...]

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Giveaway – Beat the Winter Blues with a Free Toydle Fort

Been stuck inside this winter with your kids? Don't pull all of your hair out just yet! Get the hottest new indoor toy - the Toydle fort! Toydle makes indoor play time fun. Build [...]

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Blanket Fort

“Let’s build a fort!” This is a common shout heard in many households with little ones running around. It requires creativity and lots of smiles. However, there are no materials for building it with bricks, [...]

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Play Fort Tests to See Which is the Strongest

We put the top play forts to the test to see which of them would stand up under the rigors of day to day family life. From kids hanging on the fort (though we don't [...]

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